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Description / Beschreibung Services

High Dynamic Range

Possible through a particular technical process  

Automatic adaptation to all devices (Mobil Device, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop)

Simple & Easy Integration into any website

Single Images will be prepared, edited and uploaded to Google Street View

Showing your Logo within the Panorama Tour

Facilitating navigation to get from one point to another

Digital Icons showed within the Tour, leading to further Information (Maps, Product-Images, Droneflight-Videos, Restaurants Menu) displayed for example as PDF- File, Video-File, Image-Gallery or embedded Website

Implementation of your Corporate Design Elements, such as Logo, Colours, Fonts etc

Structuring and organizing overall view and orientiation of the tour

Interactive Icons lined up in a menu bar, linked to web, videos, photos, pdf, social media etc.

Buttons to facilitate navigation (zoom in-out, enter-exit full screen/stop-start autorotation, stop-start sound, show-hide controls)

One or more Sound Files playing automatically or on click during the Panorama Tour

Special Content /Formats (Interactiv Floor Plan, Super Text, Speech Bubble, Little Planet, Price Games, others on request – andere auf Anfrage

Optional Package for personal Online-Support ( Hosting, Technical Support, Add Ons, Updates )

Set up as individual Website with own domain

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